May 28 is Menstrual Hygiene Day

Environment Facts

  • 16,000 menstrual products are disposed per person in a lifetime

  • 100 Billion menstrual products disposed off annually Worldwide

  • 20 Billion menstrual products disposed off annually in North America alone

  • 90% of pads content is made of plastic

  • 4 plastic bag equivalents is amount of plastic content in a single sanitary pad

  • It takes 500-800 years for plastic to fully biodegrade

  • 0.04 kg (0.088 lbs.) equivalent CO2 emissions/person using a reusable cup

  • 5.3 kg (11.68 lbs.) equivalent CO2 emissions/person using pads/tampons

  • 61.31 Million women in the U.S. used sanitary pads in 2018

Population Facts

  • 3.61 Billion is the world’s female population, that’s 49.5 % of the world population

  • 2 Billion females are between ages 15 & 55, that’s 57.3% of world's female population

  • 800 Million females menstruate/day worldwide

  • 13% of US jail population consists of women

  • 20% of women suffer from dysmenorrhea (severe menstrual pain)

  • 113 Million adolescent girls’ globally at risk of dropping out of school due to periods

  • 11.5 Million women in Ghana lack hygiene/sanitation management facilities

  • 42-50 Million women in US live at or close to poverty

Monetary Facts

  • $25-40 is cost of a single cup; $0.33 is the cost/period cycle 

  • $10-12 is cost/pack of pads or tampons/period cycle 

  • $6 Billion Industry for Disposable Menstrual products exists currently

  • $2 Billion spent by Americans alone per year on Menstrual products

  • $0.71-1.08 is average sales tax paid per 36 pack disposable pads (based on state tax rate)

  • 36 is number of US states as of 2018, that impose sales tax on menstrual products

  • $264.58 Billion as of 2015, is amount collectively raised by Women’s Philanthropy Institutes in the United States

  • $39.68 Billion as of 2015, is the raised money that went towards charities focused solely on women and girls

Menstrual Hygiene is a Necessity, Not a Luxury!

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