“Thank you for all of your hard work and generosity! We’re excited to partner with you!”

Sasha Stevens Wirth | Director of Development

Saint John’s Program for Real Change

“What an innovative way to help menstruators switch from disposable to the reusable and sustainable.”

Blossom Cup Services

"I am very interested in seeing how we can have you share with the women in our current class. The women were so impressed with you!"

Lisa Culp

Executive Director

Women's Empowerment

“We applaud the work you are putting forth and spreading awareness about The DivaCup and other menstrual cups.”

Warm Regards,

The DivaCup Team

"I already use the cup, but I thought your presentation was awesome and put together really well.  If I wasn't already using the cup I would have at least tried it after your presentation.  Thank you very much, you are inspiring" ----Cup User

"You already convinced me...great demonstration!"

Cup User

“I would love to chat about how we can partner.”

Amalia Griego

Director of Philanthropy, Wind Youth Services


"An incredible young lady and doing amazing things for the community!”

Dean'a Kodiak

News Reporter/Anchor, NewsRadio KFBK 93.1 FM/1530 AM

Northern California Region-Sacramento



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